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Areas of Excellence

From Singapore, the strategic hub of Asia, SMU applies its knowledge and global perspective in an Asian context to bridge concepts and provide critical insights. SMU research aims to create significant impact through five Areas of Excellence.

The organizing themes are:


Latest Research and Insights

SMU has an emphasis on generating rigorous, high-impact, and relevant multi-
disciplinary research that addresses Asian issues of global relevance.


When AI meets the blockchain

28 Feb 2018 | Announcements

Placing science at the heart of society

28 Feb 2018 | Asian Scientist, Events, Faculty, Highlights, News, Research

Library Collections

The library facilitates knowledge creation, discovery through its electronic search platform and
access to a wide array of research resources on and off campus. Library collections include:


printed and electronic books


electronic databases


printed & electronic journals

Watch real-time downloads from SMU Libraries’ Institutional Repository (InK):

Research Highlights

Institutes, Centres, Labs & Initiatives

Explore over 30 centers and institutes that are generating new knowledge all over campus.

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(Above: An interview with Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono from Institute of Societal Leadership's Digital Narratives Asia) Read more.