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Our Research Tackles Societal Challenges

From Singapore, the strategic hub of Asia, SMU applies its knowledge and global perspective in an Asian context to bridge concepts and provide critical insights. SMU research aims to create significant impact by addressing these five societal challenges.


Interpreting Economies & Financial Markets

The deluge of financial and economic data, and the surge of other types of big data adds complexity and untapped potential to the spheres of accounting, finance and economics. SMU has built up great research capabilities in these areas. Our researchers seek to understand and interpret economies, financial markets and the impact of regulations.

  • Economic Growth, Trade
  • Financial Market Soundness, Change, Risk, Resiliency
  • Financial Reporting, Financial Information Disclosure
  • Regulatory Impacts


Financial Econometrics

Professor Jun Yu has expertise in Computer Science and Economics...

Liquidity Risk of Hedge Funds

During the 2008 financial crisis, the use of redemption gates by hedge...

Family Firms & Internal Control

What are the implications of family control and ownership on a firm's...

Corporate Disclosure

How important is the readability of corporate financial reports? What...

Corporate Fraud & Regulation

The financial crisis of 2007/2008 triggered a wave of financial fraud...


Strengthening Social Fabric & Quality of Life

The challenges confronting nations as they foster cohesion in the face of an ageing population, increasing levels of income inequality, and increasing levels of diversity in race, language, religion and social status are daunting. SMU researchers seek to provide insights into how communities and societies can co-exist together.

  • Fairness, Trust, Ethics
  • Social Inclusion, Exclusion, Inequality
  • Well Being of People, Groups, Organisations, Societies
  • Successful Ageing of People, of Populations


Successful Ageing: Perception and Attitudes

What does it mean to age successfully in Singapore? Find...


Is (the lack of) money the reason for poverty? Or is it one of...


Professor William Tov is currently Associate Professor in School of...


Hwee-Pink TAN is currently Associate Professor School of...


Jochen Reb is Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour and...


Navigating Boundaries & Borders

The blurring of personal and cultural boundaries, and geographic borders is a new reality in today's world. Another challenging phenomenon is the convergence of personal, organisational, social and political relationships involving competition, co-operation and conflict. SMU researchers seek to understand this evolving landscape.

  • Trans-border Issues for Politics, Law, Trade, Investment, Commerce
  • Managing and Collaborating Across Boundaries, Borders
  • Leadership Effectiveness Across Boundaries, Borders
  • Cultures and Cross Cultural Differences



Research @ SMU School of Law

Traditional taxi fleet operators around the world have been facing...

International Trade

The GATT/WTO has played a central role in coordinating trade policy...

Cross-Cultural Trust

How and why do people trust each other? Does trust develop...


Managing for Sustainability

Unsustainable practices in production and consumption today jeopardise and constrain options for future generations. SMU researchers seek evidence-based approaches to trade-off analysis, decision-making, and management at the level of firms, industries, communities and entire economies to foster sustainability.

  • Sustainable Business and Economies
  • Sustainable and Liveable Cities
  • Sustainable Resource Management
  • Finance and Value Assessment for Sustainability



Rural Transition in China

In the past two to three decades, amidst a backdrop...

Digital Green Economy

What is the Digital Green Economy and how does it...

Business Families: Succession Planning

What are the challenges facing Asian business families in succession...

Commodity Risk Management

Can making crop planning decisions based on principles of sustainable...


The downside of renewable energy

Assistant Professor Helen Zhou

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Crop planning in sustainable agriculture

Associate Professor Onur Boyabatli

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Advancing Innovation & Technology

Innovation and entrepreneurship are necessary to ensure economically viable ways of doing things. SMU researchers apply technology that emphasise methods and systems for advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and their applications to create meaningful impact on business, government and society in Asia and beyond.

  • Management of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Change
  • Analytics for Insight
  • Automated Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence
  • Smart, Safe and Secure Cities



Social Analytics

It is estimated that there are now 3.48 billion users...

Driver Guidance System (DGS)

Traditional taxi fleet operators around the world have been facing...

Urban Logistics: Collaborative Urban Delivery Optimisation

Last-mile deliveries in urban areas often raise environmental and...

Innovation: Ecosystems

What does it take to become a successful lead firm in an...

Omni-channel Retailing

Professor Yun Fong LIM was enticed by a paradoxical observation that...


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