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To be a premier university, internationally recognised for its world-class research and distinguished teaching.


To create and disseminate knowledge. SMU aspires to generate leading-edge research with global impact as well as to produce broad-based, creative and entrepreneurial leaders for the knowledge-based economy. SMU is committed to an interactive, participative and technologically enabled learning experience. Towards this end, it will provide a rewarding and challenging environment for faculty, staff and students to kindle and sustain a passion for excellence.

A Great University

Tackling World’s Complexities, Impacting Humanity Positively

To be a great and iconic global-city university in Asia that excels in tackling the world’s complexities and impacting humanity positively and producing leaders of tomorrow through its transformative education and multi-disciplinary research to provide insights in solving these problems.

Vision & Mission

A transformative education of specialised social sciences disciplines that produces future generations of graduates capable of solving complex problems and making a difference to humanity.

  • By evolving towards a specialised university in Social Sciences with a complete portfolio of distinctive programs by our schools, and with a curriculum that anticipates the real needs of the future.
  • By producing future-ready graduates with the breadth and depth of knowledge, articulate, self-initiating, ethically and socially responsible and capable of helping to solve real world problems.
  • By fostering a culture of excellence amongst SMU students, faculty and staff.
  • By providing strong support to our research initiatives with a combination of our seed capital and through research grants from government and corporate sponsors.
  • By developing solutions through our areas of excellence and expertise that would impact Asia - including Southeast Asia - and the rest of the world.
  • By fostering a culture of excellence amongst students, faculty and staff in providing insights that trigger solutions to overcome the challenges, problems and opportunities in their respective area of work.
  • By leveraging our location: Integrate SMU into the city and its stakeholder groups of business, education, arts and sports and the city residents through our academic and student life activities.
  • By developing the SMU Village: Build a project-based, living and experiential learning environment for students, and cultivate lifelong engagement and affiliation with alumni and the community within our city precinct.
  • By organizing and reinventing SMU with a strong service orientation and excellence at all levels:
    1. Students’ continued involvement in its stewardship community service programs both locally and overseas.
    2. Faculty’s involvement in service in communities in and outside of SMU: internally, in school administration, special projects, task forces in academic and research matters; externally, serving in education institutions, government agencies and commercial entities; and outreach and recruitment activities locally and overseas;
    3. Administrative staff’s involvement in enhancing organization vitality through business improvement processes, productivity, financial sustainability and community outreach
  • By enlarging our international footprint: Pursue an integrated strategy of building strong global alliances as well as marketing and internationalizing the SMU brand and reputation through excellence in our teaching and research.

Last updated on 04 May 2018 .



Sticking to an agreement and seeing a project through to completion even when the going gets tough.


Being honest and truthful with yourself and especially with others.


The voluntary act of holding oneself accountable for one's own actions.


Collegiality means more than just getting along with people. It means being a responsible citizen within the University community.


Leadership is an influence, a conviction and a responsibility a team establishes.


Excellence entails giving your very best in every endeavour you undertake.

The SMU Tangram Lion

SMU's lion represents the qualities of Leadership, Strength, Dignity, Wisdom and Loyalty. It also reflects the country original name of Singapura, or "Lion City". The face is depicted by means of a stylized tangram.

Traditionally, a tangram is a collection of seven geometric pieces set in a square. These pieces are moved to create a myriad of spatial possibilities, limited only by the scope of human ingenuity.

The symbol has been created to convey the University's position at the forefront of tertiary education in business management and in strategic partnership with leading universities overseas. The deep blue colour is strong and classic. The use of gold in the identity brings in richness and lightness. The combination of colours also reflects the history of Singapore as mercantile trading seaport - Gold for wealth and Blue for the sea that made it possible.